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New to DTS, help needed to create new package!

Hi all, I was wondering if it were possible to automate the following processes: Have a DTS package unzip a winzipped csv file in my Outlook inbox, import the contents to a new table according to the existing layout of the csv (rather like the ‘Select Into’ command in SQL Server), and every subsequent day append the contents of a new, zipped csv (which will always have the same layout) into the database. I suspect it’d be simpler to manually import the first file, along with the in-process creation of the table, in advance of the first running of the package. The biggest problem I foresee is getting the package inside Outlook, which would keep the csv file in a .dbx file, I believe. I’d be grateful for some tips, and perhaps an overview of how I should go about this. Thanks in advance,
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First of all you should prepare the output file to a .CSV format from the outlook, otherwise there is no possibility to task the DTS to pickup the file from Outlook. I think it may be possible using VBScript, for this may refer to http:/ website for goodies and tips. If you can accomplish this in DTS then schedule it as a job and ensure the SQLAgent service account has required privilege to complete the task. HTH Satya SKJ
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Let’s forget DTS package and just do the process manually using "Import Data" under "All Tasks". Were you able to do the process, this way?