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Number Of Records in Sql server 2000

hi, How many records does sql server 2k can handle ? and does not lose its performance.
Ali Aghabagheri
Its Limited by available storage and performance is purely depends upon the DBCC checks and health checks against the database and H/w resources too. _________
Satya SKJ

…and remember that performance also depends on the number of connections and what these connections are specifically doing to the rows. The logical design of the database (the tables,relationships, indexes) and the physical design (filegroups, files, disk configuration) will factor in very quickly even in a medium sized database. The number of rows may not be the only cause of loss of performance. In normal circumstances, you should worry about other issues that would cause a large database to perform poorly rather than the size of the database itself. Nathan H.O.
Just to restate what has been already said above, but in a slightly different way, if you have good database design, good indexes, and good client access code, the only real limitation to table size is physical storage. There is no arbitrary upper limit for good performance. —————————–
Brad M. McGehee, MVP