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Number of Rows Transfer??

Hi all,<br /><br />My Extraction Program is working fine.<br />Actually it’s program that transfer data from sybase to SQL server.<br /><br />Now I need to know number of rows transfer from source table to destination table.<br /><br />Is there any property of DTS object?<br /><br />My front End is VB 6.0(DTS object)<br /><br />Thanks in Advance.<br />Sanjoo[<img src=’/community/emoticons/emotion-1.gif’ alt=’:)‘ />]<br /><br />SQL is love
Check in the DTS package log for information. _________
Satya SKJ

Hi Satya, In Code I did this : goPackage.SaveToSQLServer @serverName, USERID, PASSWORD Now When I Execute Program. DTS PACKAGE created on sever But "DTS Package Log" is blank but same time Data get transfer successfully. [Basically I want to display a simple message "?? rows transfer from Table1 to <DESS Table>" in front End ???] –Sanjoo SQL is love
YOu need to enable the package logging, follow as prescribed in BOL: How to Enable Package Logging (Enterprise Manager)
New Information – SQL Server 2000 SP3. To enable package logging Open the Data Transformation Services (DTS) package for which you want to create a log.
On the Package menu, click Properties to display the DTS Package Properties dialog box.
Do one of the following:
Save package logs to Microsoft® SQL Server™ by clicking the Logging tab, selecting the Log package execution to SQLServer check box, and then clicking an available server on which to save the package logs.
Security Note When possible, use Windows Authentication. Save package logs to SQL Server 2000 Meta Data Services by clicking the Advanced tab, and then selecting the Show lineage variables as source columns and Write lineage to repository check boxes. On the Package menu, click Save As, and then in the Save DTS Package dialog box, in the Location list, select Meta Data Services.
Satya SKJ