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Opening a DTS file saved in .bas in SQL 2000

Hi, A Very Happy New Year to all the members of SQL-Server-Performance Forum. A slight dilemma. I have saved my DTS packages in Visual Basic format .bas extension. Copied those files to another SQL Server, created the relevant databases, and am now trying to find a way to open those VB packages. The reason for saving the files in .bas format, so that I can open them up in a text editor and make the database connection changes. Can anyone please assist me in this matter? Thanks

The following article may help you… HOW TO: Troubleshoot DTS Packages That You Run from Visual Basic Applications
Mohammed U.
You can even read about storing and exporting DTS packages by saving them in Structured Storage File format.
After saving dts packages in this format, you can manually open them in whichever server you want and then can change the connection details as well.