Optimizing Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services: MDX Optimization Techniques: Optimizing the CROSSJOIN() Function

18. Remove the entire line originally containing the following:

( [Store Type].[All Store Type].[Supermarket],

The line to be removed appears circled in Figure 14.

Figure 14: Line to be Removed … (Partial View of the Query)

19. Remove one of the two parentheses (“)”) to the right of the following:

[Measures].[Warehouse Profit]

which appears just before the ON ROWS keywords, as shown in Figure 15.

Figure 15: Remove the Extra Parenthesis (Partial View of the Query)

20. Remove the parenthesis (“)”) at the left of the following line:

) } , 15,

which appears just below the line containing

{[Store Type].[All Store Type].[Supermarket]}, 3)

which we added above. The location of the character to remove is shown in Figure 16.

Figure 16: Remove the Left Parenthesis (Partial View of the Query)

The query, with modifications made in the last several steps, resembles that depicted in Figure 17.

Figure 17: Complete Query with Modifications

21. Execute the query, using the Run Query button, once again.

The query executes, once again, and the results dataset appears as shown in Figure 18 (identical to our last results dataset).

Figure 18: The Results Dataset – After Final Modifications


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