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When i retrive certain table x it fetchs, 2,30,000 records and its based on linked server. And i cant make to confined time bcos its already an hourly basis table whihc stores every user application usage information all our the world and it takes so much of time to retrive all the records. How can i optmize to reduce time Select applicationid, applicationusage from Apphrly inner join Allworldhrly on =Apphrly.applicationid=Allworldhrly .applicationid where Apphrly [email protected] Regards
Did you test if tables has adecuates indexes? Luis Martin
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Check the indexes and then try to use Index tunning Wizard
Hi Navin,
As said by Luis & Dinesh,
You can’t do much to optimise a normal select query.
You have to depend on Indexing.
I think have clustered index on applicationID Thats all!!!!