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Out of sync

Hello, I just setup Log shipping. Problem:
And it was in sync for some time and then it shows as "out of sync" on the Monitor Server. Observations:
1)And the status in the Monitor Server says that "Back up Not occuring". But backup is ocuuring as it is supposed to( I can see the files in my Backup folder).
2)And one more thing I observed is when I saw the Backup History it shows 3 entries. And when I saw the Copy/ Restore History it shows 8 entries. But it is supposed to show only 6 as I only have 3 backups are done.
3) And one more thing is Secondary Server is in CA and primary Server is in IL. And the times are different. As the Times are different on different Servers, do you think my secondary Server is trying to get the file to restore before it is supposed to and thinking that backup is not occuring?
Can this be teh problem or the times doesn’t matter.
Thanks for your help,

Check: http://www.sql-server-performance.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=3662 Luis Martin
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As referred by Luis and from that thread ensure there are no network issues between primary and secondary SQL Servers. If the LS monitor is installed on the third server then ensure there are no issue with the network connectivity in order to assume the data is updated reciprocally. There are certain configurations that can be made that will optimize the performance of transaction logs. The transaction log is a sequential write to the physical disk, and there are no reads that occur as a part of the logging process. Thus, if the logs are isolated on a separate disk, it will optimize the performance because there will be nothing interfering with the writing of the transaction log. .HTH Satya SKJ
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