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Package failing after moving box

Hi all, We’ve got some DTS packages here that are heavily reliant on FTP to upload files to a fileserver. This fileserver was moved (ie unplugged, hauled out of the building, driven 200 miles and reinstalled), since then the packages have been unable to upload to it. We have tested connectivity to the box as follows, we have; pinged it;
disabled it’s firewall;
verified connectivity from the fileserver;
updated the global variable in each package that specifies the IP address of the upload server. But all for naught. Is there anything else we can do? Thanks, Jaybee. France. The finest wines. The tastiest cuisine. The most delicious women.
Check the DTS package log for more information about where it is failing, also check the username/password integrity in thsi case. If Active Directory is involved then make sure the relevant permission are set on network for uploading the file using FTP. Satya SKJ
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