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Parameterized DTS Packeges

How we can create a parameterized DTS Packages .Here i have to do this following task with DTS Package
Create procedure sreeni_mwc
Declare @initiatedate datetime
Set @initiatedate = getdate()
–Where loaddate > @initiatedate
Select statement
From tablename
this above procedure run through DTS or select statement with where clause should be declared variable run through DTS.
Main idea is when push execute package should me the parameter.
Hi Reethu, You need to create a Global Parameter.
shows how to create parameter. Waqar ________________________________________________
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THANK YOU It is very helpful, and worked for my needs. SRJ2005
i tried to create Global variables as input and output
i created this way
input parametre name where cluase columnname datatype string parametre ?
output parametre name result string notdefined
when i excuted it is not prompting to parametre it just extracting all where cluase columns records, in this am i doing any thing wrong? in passing parametres SRJ2005