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Parameters to xp_cmdshell

Hi, I am trying to populate the command string parameter for xp_cmdshell using DTS Global Variables. I put an SQL Task on my DTS designer and write the following SQL Statement Exec master..xp_cmdShell ? Where ? is populated from a DTS global variable. I click on Parameters button and I get the following error "Syntax Error or Access violation" I know that we can pass parameters this way to a stored procedure that accepts Input parameters via global variable and returns an output parameter and populates a global variable. But I am having issues when I use xp_cmdshell I also tried to build the string using the following SQL code declare @query varchar(100)
declare @mypath varchar(100)
set @mypath = ‘Del D:MyappMyExcel.XLS’
set @query =’master..xp_cmdshell ”’ + ? + ””
exec (@query) This code snippet works fine on SQL Query Analyser if we replace ? with the variable @mypath. But when I put the same on the DTS, and click on Parameters to populate from a global variable, I get the same error "Syntax Error or Access violation" Any one who has resolved this, Kindly help me with the solution. Thanks in Advance.
Hi,<br /><br />I didnt have much time to spend on research. Hence, I wrote the same code in a stored procedure that accepts input parameters and made it work <img src=’/community/emoticons/emotion-1.gif’ alt=’:)‘ /><br /><br />Thanks