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passive node failover question

Hi, I have been running an active/active cluster. I recently added a third passive node. I can fail over to this new passive mode with no problems. I have setup my sql resources so that the third passive node is the preferred owner, so that if one of the active nodes fails, the passive node will take over. The problem, is that when I reboot the third passive node, for whatever reason, upon coming back up, both of the active nodes move to the third passive node, then I have to move them back manually. Is this because I have the third passive node set up as the preferred owner? Is there any way to prevent this behaviour? I don’t plan on rebooting that box often, but I would rather not have to worry about moving things back to where they belong. I also want to make sure that the passive node is where either of the two active nodes failover to when they fail. Thank you.
Any errors or information on Cluster log & SQL log? Satya SKJ
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You need to set it as follows. Say you have 3 nodes:
Node1 – SQL instance 1
Node2 – SQL instance 2
Node3 – Passive node Under prefered owner on active node 1 groups you set:
Node3 Under prefered owner on active node 2 groups you set:
Node3 This way each active node is on the top of the list for those node groups with the passive node3 as backup.

Thanks that’s what I needed.