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Performance issue in Windows Service

Hi all, I have a windows service which is written in VB.NET. Windows Service reads data from the database, does calculation and stores to database. I am having a table which does not have an identity column. But the table is having a composite primary key of 5 different colums.This table contains around 25,000 to 30,000 records for a day. So the windows service queries the database and keep all the records (25K to 30K) in memory and due to that the windows service memory usage and cpu usage(100%) is very high and it occupies almost 3/4th memory of RAM. Due to that other applictions are also very slow. So for solving this what I thought of is to keep maximum 5000 records in RAM for processing. Please can anybody help me to solve this performance issue. Also please let me know what other alternative solution can be implemented. Thanks and Regards,
Ram Kumar N D
How often does this service run? Once daily? Also, do the calculations rely on just one row, all for that day, or more? My thought is that if you can distribute the processing over time, you can get rid of the high cpu/ram usage. If you are just doing calculations on a row by row basis, you may be able to just let an on insert tirgger run on the database end and do the calculations + inserts. The other solution may be to schedule the service to run during a non peak time of the day when the other applications may not be running or it is not important that they run quickly. John
How about to tuning that services in same way like any other query? Luis Martin
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We need more details. What kind of processing is done by the service?