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Pervasive Timberline to MS SQL DTS Package *Newbie

Please keep in mind that I am new to using SQL Server, so this might seem simple to the pro’s out there. I am trying to create a DTS package that will allow me to transfer data from a Timberline Database on one server to a SQL Server Database on another server. I have a Timberline ODBC driver installed on both machines, but while using the DTS within Enterprise Manager I cannot seem to figure out a way to create the connection to the database on the Timberline server. Can anyone offer any help or suggestions?
Hi, you dont need anything in your timberline server. Timberline database -> db1
SQL database -> db2 you have Timberline ODBC driver in SQL Server so, when you create your dts you will create two connections First connection -> ODBC Timberline driver (link to your db1)
Second connection -> SQL Server driver (link to db2) then join both connection with a datapump task from first connection to second one. (datapump task only allow to insert records, take into account that) Take into account that if you run your dts from your local PC you must have setup your Timberline ODBC in your local PC.