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Point of disagreement

This is again in regards to my database located in VA.
I used the MSSQL Wizard to set up all of the steps associated with replication on this database. Now I am being told that as part of the replication creation process, an additional table was included called "msrepl_synctran_ts". Our database design firm is stating that our performance problems recently have been caused by the inclusion of this. Specifically that when a query is run, it needs to factor this other table. I think that this is either a red herring or bad programing.
Also, is there any tips that one can give on this? Thanks Bob
Certainly, adding replication to a SQL Server database will incur some overhead, but generally, it is not terrible. If you want to use relication, this overhead can’t be eliminated. But this table will not affect the performance of SELECT queries that run that don’t access this table. Perhaps you can tell us what the specific performance problem is so we can offer more specific help.
Brad M. McGehee
That is the fustrating part. There aren’t any metrics that we can agree upon for MSSQL, let alone the application’s performance. All I was really looking for was the confirmation that you have given me. That the inclusion of those tables should not cause any overhead on system performance if the queries are constructed correctly.
SELECT statements should not affect replication, although other modifications will have an impact depending on the type of replication you have set up. For example, INSERTS and UPDATES will affect performance if it set up on Transactional Replication or Immediate Merge or Immediate Snapshot replication. Check with the DBA, and depending on your system requirements you may want to move replication to midnight or early morning. ———-
T Kelley