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Populating a large table

Hi all, I have a large table(around 88 million rows),a relatively smaller table(around 11 million rows) and a third table which will be populated from these two. Also there is a query which updates a column in large table from the smaller table. Currently this query takes a large time which I need to reduce. Here are the options I have 1. Update the column in the large table and then selectively populate the third table using Insert……Select query or in other words use JOIN in large and small table only.
2. Populate third table directly by using a query something like this, Insert into Large
Select S.col1,
From Small S,Large L
where S.col4 = L.col4 Personally I feel second technique will run faster. Need your inputs or suggestions on any other way of doing this.
What did you mean by " Update the column in the large table"? Madhivanan Failing to plan is Planning to fail