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Primary database server upgrade

I want to migrate my current production to a new server. We have log shipping setup and the database size is 200 GB. I would be using a detach and attach script. In such scenario, will I require to restore a full database backup or I can start loading the transaction log backup considering that I would disable all log shipping jobs during the activity and the standby server is not undergoing any change.
Regards, Chetan
In cases, like this, it generally is a good idea to not take any short cuts. Here’s the approach I would take: 1) Remove log shipping from the current production server. 2) Move the detatch the database from the old server, move it to the new server, and reattach it. I also assume you have a way to deal with the login accounts when you do this. 3) Once the database has been successfully attached and is running, set up log shipping all over, as if it were your first time. —————————–
Brad M. McGehee, SQL Server MVP
Yes, I have the way to deal with the logins, jobs, dts packages, etc. My only worry is to be able to release the system to users in less time. Also, I am taking a full backup and also ensuring that the standby is in sync with the production. Hence, I feel that it is worth trying and logically speaking whya should there be any issue when the database is same only the instance on which it is mounted will change. I underatsnd that one should take all possible care to avoid unnecessary troubles and restoring the full backup would be the safest approach. However, I am just trying to find out any techinal reasoning behind the idea of restoring the full backup. Regards, Chetan
Hello All, I have to explain this to my clients. Is there any technical logic behind restoring the full backup of the database? Regards, Chetan