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Privilleges to Deploy Reports

I am using SQL Server Reporting Services 2005. RS is installed on a box which also has SQL Server 2005 on it. I have a windows account YYY with which I am able 1. Create the data source in the BI studio
2. Build the report in BI studio
3. Run the report and able to preview it from BIstudio When I try to deploy the report I get the error "A connection could not be made to the report server" . Account YYY has Server Admin and Sys Admin roles in the SQL Server 2005. Are there any other additional privilleges that would be needed to deploy the report. Do we need any privilleges to any of the file structures on the server.I know that this is something about the privilleges. A while back I fixed the same issue on another server but now do not remember what I did to fix it. Help is appreciated. Thanks

account do not have access rights to the reporting services.
Go tohttp://<server name>/reports you will see two tabs (contents/properties)
choose the properties tab and create a new role assignment.
enter the account YYY and set the access rights.
SMY, I do have all the privilleges selected in the properties at the reports home page. But I am still not able to deploy the reports on the server. are there any specific folder level privilleges that I will need on the SQL Server. Thanks
do ur sql database contain this account name as a user?