Pro SQL Server 2005

Get Ready to Learn SQL Server 2005: ‘Pro SQL Server 2005’

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Pro SQL Server 2005.
By Tom Rizzo, Adam Machanic, Louis Davidson
704 pp. Apress. $49.99

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What do you expect from a book that is by a director of the SQL Server Product Team at Microsoft together with SQL Server MVPs (Most Valuable Professionals) and other database veterans?

You simply expect the authors to know their stuff and that this is reflected in the quality of the content.

And if you read in the list of technical editors the names of other SQL Server MVPs and Richard Waymire one expects the content to be excellent.

And to cut a long story short, this book meets this high expectation in full!

Suppose you are in my shoes. You have not installed even one of the many Community Technical Preview versions of SQL Server 2005 and the whole hype about this new and long awaited version of Microsoft’s Relational Database Server hasn’t really touched you.

Now that SQL Server 2005 is officially launched and in its RTM version, you are beginning to interest yourself in it and are looking for a book that will give you an in-depth overview of all the new features. This is the book for you.

Here are the topics that are covered:

  • SQL Server Overview and Installation.
  • SQL Server Management Technologies.
  • T-SQL Enhancements for Developers.
  • T-SQL Enhancements for DBAs.
  • .NET Integration.
  • Programming Assemblies.
  • SQL Server and XML.
  • SQL Server 2005 XML and XQuery Support.
  • SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services.
  • Analysis Services.
  • Security.
  • Service Broker.
  • Automation and Monitoring.
  • Integration Services.
  • Database Mirroring.
  • Notification Services.

That’s a lot of stuff to cover but this book gets straight to the point and gives you the desired insight into the new functionality of SQL Server 2005.

The complete source code is online available and together with the obligatory countless screenshots rounds out the positive impression of this book.


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