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Problem adding a second node

I installed the windows cluster and a one node failover sql cluster, and both runs without problem. When I try to install the second node in the sql cluster the installation will be interrupted. In the event viewer i see following message "the cluster resource monitor could not load the dll sqsrvres.dll for resource type sql server" in the sqlstp.log from the first node is following entry "CRemoteprocess::RunUntilComplete [0x84] error code: 2" Has somebody an idea what can I do to solve this problem ? Thanks Josep Lluis Cardona
Bremen (Germany)
Where did you install the sql binaries? They suppose to be on local drive not the shared drive? MohammedU.
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The binaries are installed at the local c drive. Josep Lluis Cardona
Bremen (Germany)
See this on the aspect of clustering resources to clear out your doubts. Satya SKJ
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