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Problem in importing a text file

Hi All, I have a text file to import into sql server table using
DTS package. The text file has first row as column names.
The problem is when I am trying to map the column to
destination table, the last column name in the source pane
is not only the last column name but the next row of data
as well. Is there any way I can tell DTS package that where
to start the next row or the end of line?

I must admit i didn’t understand. Can you reformulate the question?
I don’t do much in DTS, but usually in this type of file each line ends in a CRLF ( CHAR(13) + CHAR(10) ). I would suppose that DTS is expecting the same. If you are saying that the last column name on the header row is identical to the data on the first column of the first data row, then that’s just a funny coincidence that should not confuse DTS. The column names end at the CRLF at the end of the first line, after that all information is data.