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problem logging into virtual server domain

im using virtual server 2005 r2 and im having a probelm logging in to the virtual domain server.Both nodes are virtual Node1 has been promoted to Domain controller with dcpromo as domain "Virtual". Node2 Can join this succesfully and is rebooted but im unable to log into the Domain virtual although the domain is visible in the Login forms domain drop down list. I get an error as follows but there is nothing in msdn for it: "The name or security ID (sid) of the domain specified is inconsistent with the trust information for that Domain! has anyone else seen this with virtual server when setting up a sql cluster with the domaincontroler on node1? ive reinstalled virtual server, stopped and restarted the virtual server service, restarted iis but to no avail. my host os is Vista Im baffled, The first time i tried this with a seperate domain controller it worked but the three virtual machines consumed most of my ram i thought Dc on node1 may be more efficient.
I don’t know much about virtual server but I think you get fast answer if you post this question in windows group. MohammedU.
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True as it related to virtual server group, to save a bit of time of yours see:…ying_to_Login_after_joining_domain_[security_(SID)_inconsistent_error%5D.aspx Satya SKJ
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sorted it out. I had missed the sysprep step on the master copy and its this step that generates the unique SID for the virtual machine being installed. I broke the sysprepped master by installing IIS into it. I should have then sysprepped it again.
Thanks for sharing the solution… MohammedU.
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