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problem of create publication under local system

i’m beginner to approach the sql server 2000 and sql server ce 2.0. now i plan to use merge replication.
However, as what i know that to create publication, my sql server and sql server agent services is not allow to place under localsystem. I try to install my sql server 2000 by using domain user account but it cant work..always pop up error message said that the sql server services cannot verify the logon account. However, i install under localsystem it can install successfully. But i face the proble when i want to run the create new publication wizard. It pop up message as shown below: Because SQL Server Agent on ‘DSU_758C81AD44D’ uses the system account, SQL Server
replication between server will fail. To use replication between servers, select another
server to be the Distributor for ‘DSU_758C81AD44D’. I do not know how to create another server running on my pc? Anyone can help me.. Thank you very much
May refer link. Satya SKJ
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i read the link. However, i still face the same problem. I can’t create instance under domain user. I check my logon username and password, i’m sure they are correct.<br /><br />I have install VS .NET 2003 with IIS on my desktop. I installed Sql Server 2000 with SP3 and Sql Server CE as well. <br /><br />I need an instance under account other than localsystem, so that i can use merge replication for my application..<br /><br />QUOTED from the link..<br />"4. Ensure that the account the MSSQLServer and SQLServerAgent services run under belongs to the Administrators local group and is a member of the Domain Users group. <br /><br />The LocalSystem account does not have network access rights, so this account should not be used if you want to use replication. The account the MSSQLServer and SQLServerAgent service runs under should be a member of the Administrators local group and a member of the Domain Users group"<br /><br />Now, my MSSQLServer and SQLServerAgent service are running under localsystem..<img src=’/community/emoticons/emotion-6.gif’ alt=’:(‘ /><br />I do not know how to set it running under domain user since i cant create domain user when create an new instance..<br /><br />i’m using SQL Server 2000 Developer Edition running on XP Pro OS..<br /><br />HELP~~~URGENT~~<img src=’/community/emoticons/emotion-6.gif’ alt=’:(‘ /><br /><br />Anyone willing to help me??!!<br /><br />thanks..<img src=’/community/emoticons/emotion-1.gif’ alt=’:)‘ />
It doeasn’t have to be a domain account. Use a local account other than the system defined LocalSystem. Go to Computer Management and add a new local user that you call sqlservice. Change the sql server and agent account through Enterprise Manager to this one.
yeah~~thanks a lot…!!! i solved the problem followed ur guide =)