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Problem With Connecting To Virtual Sql Server

We have 2 nodes sql 2000 server cluster on Windows2003. The problem is when in QA I try to connect to virtual SQL server and typing IP address the following error appears: Unable to connect to sql server xx.xx.xx.xx Server: Msg 14, Level 16, State 1 [Microsoft].[ODBC SQL Server Driver].[DBNETLIB]Invalid Connection Interesting thing is that when I try to open the second virtual server I’ve got other error, not the same: Unable to connect to sql server xx.xx.xx.xx Server: Msg 17, Level 16, State 1 [Microsoft].[ODBC SQL Server Driver].[DBNETLIB]SQL server doesnt exists or access denied When I connect to them typing their names not IP addresses all works fine. Does anyone has any ideas? Thanks

try to connect with the option selected as
Start sql server if it is stopped.
This option will check if sql server services are present on that ip address or not. If not check for the correct ip address.
Sometimes if the machine is set to obtain ip address automatically then
ip keeps on changing but the server name remains the same.
Thanks for response, but it didn’t helped. QA can not connect to them typing virtual or physical SQL servers IP addresses. Ping is working fine
I can add that we have virtual named instances… Maybe this could point to something?
With named instances you need to specify virtualservernameinstancename when connecting.
Yes, thats clear. All works fine when I try to connect typing its name. But the problem is it doesn’t work when I type IP address of virtual sql server instead of virtualservernameinstancename. Unable to connect to sql server xx.xx.xx.xx Server: Msg 17, Level 16, State 1 [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][named pipes]SQL server does not exist or access denied
It will not work with only the IP for the named instance. The named instance is to begin with not listening on 1433. You have to specify the port in that case, for example in your ADO connection string, then it will work. Not sure how you specify port in QA. Secondly there is no way that the IP can be resolved to a named instance name like virtualservernameinstancename. This is not a valid DNS name. This will only work for the default instance like virtualservername.mydomain.local The way it works when you connect to virtualservernameinstancename is that a query will be sent on UDP 1434 to virtualservername. Here a service will answer with the instances that exist and the ports they are listening on. So connecting to IP only simply doesn’t work for a named instance. A question remains, why do you want to connect to the IP?
Hi Argyle,
Adding the server alias in client network utility under tcp/ip protocol where default port is 1433, will this work.
An alias will work if you specify the correct ip and port for the instance. This is the way you do it with clients that have lower MDAC than 2.6 since they do not understand the virtualservernameinstancename syntax.
Thanks Argyle for explanation.
I was told that next week we will recieve one program which is designated to edit data and it connects to the server by the server IP not virtualservernameinstancename. There is no such possibility to enter the server name
In theory if I will enter virtual server IP address and port number it will work?
What version of the MDAC are you using from the client you are trying to connect with? If not at least 2.7 SP1, then you need to upgrade. You can find the latest here: MeanOldDBA
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Yes virtual server ip and port will work. You can find out the port in the sql server log when it starts. You could also add an alias in the client network utitilty so that "mynewname" resolves to the virtual ip and port. But if the program not only have an issue with the in a named instance name but using a name in general then it might not understand a port either.
Yes it’s work. Following your suggestions I’ve made an alias with correct port and now it can connect through QA by server alias. Derrickleggett, I know that it sounds as a newbie question and sorry fot that, but how can I view MCAD version? There are a lot info about it but the simple statement how to view existing version I couldn’t find Thank you all
Have a nice weekend MeanOldDBA
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