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Problem with destination DB – Some Question

I have to setup a log shipping between 2 servers; on both servers there is some web application which access the DB. In the case the master server fails, the web application accesses the slave server for reporting. (Slave must be read-only). Before setting the log shipping, web application is installed and configured on both servers and so also each DB is installed on both servers. The problem is that during Log Shipping configuration it is asked to initialize the new destination DB or using an existent one. In this case my choice should be: existent one (the db on destination is already created),
the db is setted as read only and as standby (created with standby and the file undo during restore). The problem is that when log shipping run, no tran log are loaded, because of an error about db destination status (it do not looks in norecovery mode). There is a way to implement this procedure correctly. Another thig is: in case of restoring, data will be overwritten?, so in case of configuration tables will be to update to master server configuration and web application may be not run properly!? Thank

If you want to run the web application in case of any failure with the primary server then you must control that in Web application side, on Log shipping side you can setup and deploy the primary and secondary server as per the instructions in books online. If you’re not getting this then come with the error you’re getting when trying so. Satya SKJ
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