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Problem with fulltext search

I have a problem with fulltext search on a fail-over cluster.
Everything seems to work, i can rebuild, populate etc but when i search i get no results.
On the test server everything works fine, but its not running on the cluster.
One odd thing though, uniquecount is 1 and item count is 4 billion
Is there any patches/sw installed before failover?
what sql build you are on?
Check the BuiltinAdministrator account permissions… Mohammed U.
windows 2003 updated
SQL 2000 SP4
Administrators of the machine has rights to the fulltext search catalogs.

fyi I reinstalled sql server + sp’s and then everything worked….very strange

That time have you checked whether MSSearch service is up and running and the local admin has got relevant privileges, for information. Satya SKJ
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quote:Originally posted by humut fyi I reinstalled sql server + sp’s and then everything worked….very strange

That is interesting…
Happy to here it is working…
Mohammed U.
Yes the service was up and running and you could create a fulltext catalog, then an eventlog error occured related to c000005 which look like a permissions error, i changed filepermissions to full control on all drives and the service account already had administrative rights. It did not work with the service account either on either node.
The fulltext catalog and the files was still created, but after a rebuild and full population it had the wrong unique and item count and calling contains statement gave no result.
Then i gave up and reinstalled.