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Processing Dimensions

I would like to process dimensions with DTS. I also would like to do it in a dynamic way with server, database and dimension as parameters. I created a DTSOlapProcessing task to process the dimension. I created a DTSDynamicProperty task to set the ‘TreeKey’ parameter (MyServerMyDatabaseDimFolderMyDimension). This parameter come from a .ini file. When I execute it step by step, it works but when I execute the package it does not work.
The error message is that I have to execute the object and I have too : "Exception Access Violation" I dont understand why I can execute it step by step but not globally ? Can you help me please ? What can I do ?
Confirm the SQL server service pack level. Satya SKJ
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I found the error : "This error normally involves a task written in Visual Basic, such as the Microsoft supplied OLAP Processing Task. Visual Basic does not support free threading, so to prevent this error, any such tasks must execute on the main package thread. To check this, right-click the task, select Workflow, then Workflow Properties. On the Options tab, the "Execute on main package thread" must be checked. "