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Procs calling procs and procs calling views

Hi, I’ve been given the assignment of tuning and optimizing our companies database.
The database has been created by someone who obviously loves object orientated programming. There are many small base procs and they are being executed by bigger procs. So within an SP there can be executed numerous other SPs. So what do you think of this? I personally dont like this "java-style" of database programming and would like to rewrite them all, but is the end product worth it? Will i gain any preformance? There is also a lot of very big views (not complicated ones but many columns). Then some procs select smaller amount of data from these big views. Again, i dont like this kind of programming and would like to rewrite the procs and delete the views to gain preformance. What do you think of this? Am I missing something to why the database is built this way or am I right in thinking the db is built by some lazy object orientated java programmer?
I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having small procs that are called by others, particularly if they are called by multiple other procs, so you have code reuse. Also it makes testing easier because you can test procs in isolation and work your way up the hierarchy. _____________________________________ SqlSpec – a fast, cheap, and comprehensive data dictionary generator for SQL Server 2000 and 2005 –
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