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Product uses TCP Protocol

I am new to SQL Clusters and am running into an issue with assigning specific protocols. We have 2 Citrix Terminal servers load balanced and connecting to the SQL CLuster. The terminal servers work on TCP Protocol and have name pipes disabled. We have seen a significant slowdown since implementing the cluster and it looks like the terminal servers are sending information to the sqlcluster via TCP protocol but the SQLCluster is returning the requested information using netbios. Is there a way to use just TCP (assign as primary)for this process? If not, any ideas on how this issue can be resolved?
Any information or error returned during this behaviour on SQL error log or event viewer log? Satya SKJ
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How are the Citrix servers connected to the SQL Server cluster, and why? Are you saying that Citrix is running on the SQL Server cluster, or not? I really need some more data before I can offer an opinion. —————————–
Brad M. McGehee, MVP