Professional SQL Server 2000 XML

Professional SQL Server 2000 XML
by Multiple Authors
Copyright 2001
Apress Press

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With the addition of XML support to SQL Server 2000, developers now have a powerful new tool to help develop their applications. But until recently, it has been hard to find good information on how to get the most out of SQL Server 2000 XML. Now, with the release of Professional SQL Server 2000 XML, developers finally have a good book as a resource on how to implement XML in SQL Server 2000.

Not only is this book a good introduction to SQL Server 2000-based XML, it also covers many advanced XML topics, such as XDR and XSD schemas. The book also includes numerous real-world case studies, demonstrating how to use SQL Server XML with other current technologies, such as VB and ASP, and with new technologies such as C# and SOAP.

The book covers these diverse topics:

  • An Introduction to XML

  • Overview of XML in SQL Server



  • XDR Schemas

  • XSD Schemas

  • XML Templates and Views

  • XPath

  • Updategrams

  • XML Bulk Load

  • Enhancing Legacy Application with XML (Case Study)

  • An Order Entry System Using VB and XML (Case Study)

  • Creating an XML Reporting System (Case Study)

  • SOAP (Case Study)

  • .NET (Case Study)

  • Creating and Configuring Virtual Directories

  • Microsoft XML View Mapper 1.0

I recommend this book to all SQL Server-based developers who want to learn how to master XML. If you are new to SQL Server development, you may want to skip this book for now, as you will need a good understanding of Transact-SQL and SQL Server development in order to really get the most out of this book.


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