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Raid 10 config on sql cluster

I have had a couple questions answered here wich I appreciate, and here is one more question. We are configuring a new Raid 10 Array for our sql server cluster.
We have 10 drives available, so We were looking some configuration possibilities.
Note: our server has many databases and our use of tempdb is above average usage. 2 mirrored drives (partitioned into 2 partitions) – Quarum/Small T-Log File
2 mirrored drives – T-Logs
2 mirrored drives – TempDB Data Files
4 Raid 10 drives – All Data Files My question is…
Would we lose more than we gain by taking 2 drives from the Raid 10, and putting TempDB on its own set, or should we move tempdb to the raid 10, add the 2 drives to the raid 10 making it 6 drives. Or, does it make more sense to put our single largest T-Log on its own mirrored set, and move tempdb to the raid 10? I would like to here your opinions, Thanks
Only by testing would you know for sure, but here is my opinion: As you have many databases, and many logs, locating the logs on their two of the partitions probably won’t help much. The strategy of putting log files on their own array only really helps performance if there is a single log per array, which in your case, is not practical. So I would keep your Quorum drive as small as possible, and leave it to the Quorum only. I would also create one mirrored array for the tempdb file, and use all of the rest for your databases and logs. —————————–
Brad M. McGehee, MVP
Agree with Brad. Many databases or bigger, with properties full, may grow transaction log to much.
So is better Brad option than 2 mirros.
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