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Recursive/Prior Calculated Member refs

I’m tring to use Calculated Members to roll forward in time to give new Balances based on an Activity for the period. However, when I do this I get an error since there is a creation precedence in AS, so my Calculated Members are: [Beginning Balance] = ([PostDate].CurrentMember.Lag(1), [Measures].[Ending Balance]) [Ending Balance] = [Measures].[Beginning Balance] + [Measures].[Net Income] This causes an error something like: "Calculation Member ‘Beginning Balance’ failed.
Formula error – cannot find dimension member ("[Measures].[Ending Balance]") – in a name binding function."
This leads to a more serious issue where I have precedence of 2 interrelated measures in order to calculate one moving forward you need the other to change as well… [Units] =
([PostDate].CurrentMember.Lag(1), [Measures].[Ending Balance]) / [Measures].[Value] [Value] =
([PostDate].CurrentMember.Lag(1), [Measures].[Ending Balance]) / [Measures].[Units] Any help appreciated, Alan