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Redindex automatic

Hi Group,
I’ve applied indexes to fields in my table. Are these indexes applied automatically or do I have to run another process? Also if ALL the fields in the table are indexed, and I create a ‘combined’ index on some of the fields that are already indexed singly, will this have a negative impact? TIA
Once you add an index to a column, you don’t have to do anything else. But, they do need to be maintained, which can be done through the Maintenance Wizard. There, you might want to rebuild your indexes weekly to keep them performing at top performance. You only want to add indexes to column that need them, not all of them. And yes, adding an index more than once to the same column can negatively affect performance. As a general rule of thumb, only index columns that are referenced in your WHERE clauses. See the articles on this website for more insight on how to properly add indexes to columns for optimum performance. —————————–
Brad M. McGehee, MVP
Also check out the index tuner. It’s a useful tool, especially if you are just beginning to administer SQL Server. Derrick Leggett
And if you can schedule the a job to reindex it will take care of performance related issues, that may arise in future. Satya SKJ
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