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Remote ODBC

I am unable to create an ODBC connect from my Windows XP machine to the SQL server on a windows 2000 machine. What am I doing wrong?
What do you mean unable to create, are you getting any error? Satya SKJ
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I have 2 remote PC’s that have MSSQL. ONe has version 8 and the other version 9. I can create a SYSTEM DSN and connect to the Version 8 server without a problem. I use the server name and it works. Itry the same thing with the version 9 server and I get a connect failure message. I’m sure it has something to do with how the servoer is configured but they both look the same to me. There must be something I am overlooking when I configured the version 9 server. The error message that comes out is "Connection Failed: SQLSTATE ‘01000’ SQL Server Error: 11001 [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][TCP/IP Sockets]ConnectionOpen (Connect()). Connection failed; SQLSTATE ‘08001’ SQLState: ‘08001’ SQL Server Error: 6 [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][TCP/IP Sockets] Specified SQL server not found
If you have both instances running on the same hardware, then one of them must have an instance name other than the computer name, I would think.
I don’t have both on the same computer. I have MSSQL version 8 on one computer (loacal internet – works OK) and MSSQL version 9 on another computer (VPN – doesn’t work). I can ping the version 9 computer and remte desktop to it but I cannot get the ODBC for MSSQL to connect
Is the 9 one listening perhaps on a different port for TCP/IP? Check the server settings / ask someone to do it for you.