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Removing a column

I’m fairly certain I know the answer, but is there any way (perhaps undocumented) to drop a column from an existing (subscribed to) publication?
I’m hoping not to have to drop the subscription, make the change and then have to issue an update. The table(s) involved are quite large and if we have to do this, I’ll have to schedule a downtime. So…..any little behind-the-scene tips by anyone? Thanks
I think ‘sp_repldropcolumn’ can help you here. And it is documented. Check BOL for details.
Is this in 2000? I guess I should have mentioned that this is a sql 7 intallation. I cant find anything in BOL for 7 on this sproc. The only one I can find on adding/dropping columns in sql7 is sp_articlecolumn, and bol (and our own tests) say that you can only do this on unsubscribed articles. I did a fairly thurough check of sql7 bol before asking, and was hoping there was something undocumented. (still keeping my fingers crossed-making type harder)
Yes its in SQL 2K and I think in ver.7 its not possible to drop the column until its not involved in replication. _________
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