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removing Distribution without DELETEING

I have a transactional/ Push subscription. Publisher is on one server. Distributor/subscriber on another.<br /><br />I right click on Replication on Publisher database and it gives me a pop-up with the name of the distributor,subscriber . ALL is fine so far.<br /><br />Is there anyway to drop the Publisher’s reference to this Distributor WITHOUT actually deleting/removing the distributor database with sp_dropdistributor/sp_dropdistributiondb ? because I want the Publisher to reference a new distributor. ( hi Satya <img src=’/community/emoticons/emotion-1.gif’ alt=’:)‘ /> )
I’m not Satya, so you have to wait for expert.
What I find in BOL is: Remarks
sp_dropdistributor is used in all types of replication. If other Publisher or distribution objects exist on the server, sp_dropdistributor fails unless @no_checks is set to 1. This stored procedure must be executed after dropping the distribution database by executing sp_dropdistributiondb.
HTH Luis Martin
Thanks Luis- I saw that in BOL but i dont want to "delete" the distribution server because I’m affraid I wouldnt be able to point it to the NEW distributor…I want to keep the CURRENT distributor database just in case … There has to be a way to make the Publisher point to a new/different Distributor without deleting an exsisting distributor…I think..
Hi Camilla, hope doing well apart from replication issues.
As usual BOL specifies, I never tried the other way without dropping current one. (Thanks Luis) Satya SKJ
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