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Rendering to Excel

Hi, I am trying to export a report in Excel format but it is giving Junk values.
I thought may be Reporting Services requires MS Office 2003 to be installed to get the appropriate O/P in Excel. I tried the same with MS Office 2003 and it works well. But even though the report gets exported to Excel 2003, but cannot be viewed by anyone using lower versions of Office. Is this a known limitation of Reporting Services or do we have have any work around for opening/exporting the reports in Lower versions of MS Office (Excel). Please, give me any info you have in this regards. Thanks..
Here is probabaly a general solution with regards to all MS products…. Have you installed SP1? I believe it takes care of rendering problems to earlier versions of Excel. Raulie
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HI Raulie, Thanks for you reply. I have already installed this SP1 but still with the same issue.
DO you have any idea where can i post this problem on Microsft. Also any idea about when is the next SP for Reporting Services coming up. Also i dont know whether you have faced this problem with Reporting Services or not. But are you using MS Office 2003, to export/render all your reports in Excel Thank,
I have Reporting services installed in my test box (my laptop) and it renders reports fine yes I do have office 2003. I would call MS directly to get some anwsers. First however make sure you do your homework before reporting a valid bug in the software. Raulie
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I have MS Office 2000 installed on my box and when exported to Excel it is giving improper O/P. May be MS Reporting Services required MS Office 2003 to render/export a report properly to Excel. If I install MS Office 2003 on my box then it works fine.
In case if i install MS Office 2003 on the server and subscribe the report with Excel as rendering format and send it as email to the users, can they view this report if they have a version lower than MS Office 2003. I dont think it will as MS Office 2000 cannot have forward compatibilty. So this makes it mandatory for all the users to have MS Office 2003 on their personnel box to view the reports sent to them. Hope i made the issue clear. Presently, I am new to Reporting Services and am exploring various options. I would like to explore this a bit more before reporting to MS.
I also suggest to refer to MS Newsgroups for Office 2003 & Reporting services for any link to solve the issue. Satya SKJ
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This issue got resolved after i reinstalled the Reporting Services SP1 again. But, Now we are facing one more issue with Excel Rendering. If the main Report has a subreport included in one of the cells of the Table, then on exporting the O/P Excel it shows "Subreports within table/matrix cells are ignored." Whereas this subreport is displayed properly when displayed in the Report Manager.
We are passing a parameter to the subreport using which the subreports dataset is populated. Please let me know asap if this a known limitation and is there any feasible workaround for doing this.

I am having the exact same problem with my Subreports when Exporting to Excel (the subreports look correct on the Report Server, but when they are exported, it says "Subreports within table/matrix cells are ignored.". Did you ever find a solution?[?]
No I didn’t found any solution for this. Its is a know limitation of Reporting Services which may not get resolved in SP2 as well.
Is anyone having troubles with Hidden List as well. I am having some trouble when exporting a report to Excel. I hide a List based on a Type of person that access the report. In this list i have an IIF statement that says basically says IIF(controlBreak = “NorthernCA”, false, true). Well when another type access the report say SouthernCA the report does what it needs to do. It hides that List from Southern CA but when they try to export the report out in Excel they get that wonderful Exception Error that leads no where, BUT BUT when Northern CA runs the same report THEY CAN export out to Excel… Am i crazy or is anyone on the same boat with me… please let me know… [email protected] or [email protected] Thanks
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