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Replciating Large Databases

I cannot seem to replicate a 60GB database to another server getting instead a bulk copy error. I am able to replicate Northwind which leads me to believe size is the problem. Both servers are SQL 2000. Any advice or suggestions would be welcome. Thanks.
Take help from these links for help on Replication and Bulk Copy Optimization. What other error information is SQL server reporting?
What type of replication is setup?
What was the error while execution>?
What is the level of service pack & MDAC versions on both the machines? Satya SKJ
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hmm.. lost one message already, will try to make this one shorter you do not have to use bulk copy if you are willing to do some manual data sync once after replication have been set up
take the latest backup->restore on destination ->roll forward transaction logs as close to the point in time as you can
create replication (no initialize option) and deal with data differences (if needed) I’ve done it without much problem on 260 Gbs simas