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Replicating a replica database

Hi, I have a requirement of replicating a database which has few replicated tables.
First, Is it possible to do this? Will there any issues in doing this?
If no issues,
What is the better approach and design for this requirement? Also, I would like to know the implementation issues and knowledge sharing. Thanks & Regards
There is a whole section in Books on-line in the Replication section devoted to backup/restore of replicated databases, it may help to replicate those replicated databases. I’ve never tried re-replicating the replicated databases, but I think its not possible. Satya SKJ
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If you are talking about re-replicating a database. YES. Remember that a database can be a subscriber and a publisher at the same time. Every replication scenario occurs independently. Issues? The normal issues attendant to replication and a realization that you are now dealing with a more complicated situation. Just keep an eye on what is going on with respect to schedules, agents and PERFORMANCE. Approach and Design? Without knowing the actual scenario on your side, it is not possible to offer any useful help. Clear requirements are important for any answer on that (I am sure you are aware of that) Knowledge Sharing? Please expand on that one. Nathan H.O.