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Replication and clustering

Hi, I’m trying to decide the best topology for my project. The fact is that there’s a critical process so I must ensure an SQL server running.
I ‘ve two servers, PIV 512MB,Win2K Server with sqlSever Standard, phisicaly separated for 500mts. A sql server running on one of them will be publicator and distributor for other pc’s on the plant, but when it fails over i want the other one to take the control. This can be a manual process (I’ve 3 hours till it will be critical), with some script that creates the publication etc … on the new server, and drop the old subscriptions and recreates pointing the new publication … But the question is … It would be better to have a cluster between both servers? Is that possible? What Extra Harware will I need? and soft? Will this be transparent to the rest of the LAN? Thx! sergi penya
A cluster will provide the ultimate protection, but is very expensive. The next best option would be log shipping, either the one provided by Microsoft, or one you write yourself. Replication for the purpose of high availability is generally a poor choice. There is a lot of articles on this website that can provide you a lot more useful info in order for you to make the best decision for your circumstances. —————————–
Brad M. McGehee, MVP