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Replication Distributinon Agent error

I am new to SQL Server Replication. I have been trying to do replication between 2 SQL Servers but to no avail….Replication using the GUI fails, so tried using commands/sp_procedures…all the commands ran successfully, but Publisher and Distributor Agents are not running (Red X symbol at their nodes). Error Details (Distribution Agent error Details ) gives me
The process could not connect to Subscriber ‘POWSPTH51.xxxxx.xx.COM’. Powspth51 is the Subscriber db. How do I prevent this error from happening. Please let me know. Thanks in advance for your reponse(s).
The link to the subscriber or the subscriber-server is down. Try pinging the subscriber. If pinging is unsuccessful then resolve the network connectivity problem first. This problem will also occur if SQL Server Agent is set-up to use the System account instead of a domain account (that is recognised at the subscriber). Refer to this KBA;en-us;321822 about Replication FAQ and common problems. Satya SKJ
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