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Replication Error – Please Help!

Hi, I have had replication working pretty well for a couple of weeks. Then one day on one of the subscribers, I noticed that all of the subscriptions had failed. Without doing any investigating, I simply hit the "Start Synchronizing" button, and they came back to life. Then the next day it happened again, only this time they wouldn’t start synchronizing after I hit the "Start Synchronizing" button. I checked the error message on all of them, and it said: The merge process could not retrieve generation information at the ‘Subscriber’ Another piece of information is that the 2 other subscribers have continued to work this whole time. Hmmmm. Does anyone have any ideas? I am at my wits end here. Any help would be unbelievably appreciated. Thanks in advance. Scott Also confirm the service pack levels on SQL Servers that are involved in this replication process. Satya SKJ
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