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Replication over VPN

I have a Delphi application that connects to SQL server 2K. Recently another part of the company wanted to use the application, but the connection between us goes through a number of firewalls. I am not able to open these firewalls up to the extent that would be required to run replication normally. The only solution that I have been able to come up with so far is for the new users to VPN into the server to use the application, which works, but this is a real pain for them. One possible solution would be to create another localised server for the new division and to reun replication between the main and remote serevrs. Updates are done at both ends, so i guess that merge replication would be the right thing to use. However, I would need to run the replication over a VPN connection. Is this possible? How would that work? What would open the VPN connection and close it after the replication was complete? What would happen to users that were connected at both the main server and the remote one when the VPN link was started? Is there a better way? Any thoughts gratefully received…..
How about run VPN on Work Stations, instead server?.
If server is SQL dedicated, any application running on server will be slow.
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That’s just the way it works now, but the users hate the fact that they have to set up the VPN link to get to the server. It means that they lose access to all their local resources etc. I had an idea that I could run a merge replication once per night while the system is not being used. That would mean that both sides could run happily during the day, and I could merge any changes over night. Performance over the VPN link once it is set up is pretty good really, certainly good enough to move the changes over night. Is this possible? Cheers
Hi David, I don’t see why this would not be possible as long as the server can be configured to create the VPN when it boots up. Another alternative is to use a VPN appliance at both sides and route traffic through it based on subnets. Cheers