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Replication over WAN

Actually, my company use centralize web based system for key-in the data. We have 4 applications server using web based and 1 database sql 7.0 that located at my hq (operation).
We divided 19 branches to this 4 applications server.Every branches having a leased line connection directly to my hq(operation).Then every night data will be transfered to another server at vendor place.(outside our domain). and from my hq(operation) having direct connection to hq(admin)(>= 100km from hq operation). Our planning is to do the DRC at my hq(admin)only for our web based system.
Meaning that, DRC will be take over when all the servers (4 apps and 1 db) at hq(operation) down.So before that, only database server we want to replicate by schedule (4 times a day) over the WAN.For apps we will manually update because not many changes.I want to find the best method to make sure that all data inside the database at hq operation will be having a same data inside the database at hq admin.My suggestion is actually to use a snapshot replication. is it ok?
So for the first time of course i need to backup the current db at hq operation then restore at hq admin then setup the replication. is it ok?
We will buy 2 powerful servers for apps and db.
In other word, if servers down at hq operation, automatically one powerful server apps will be handle 19 branches and 1 db server at hq admin.How to make sure when sthg happen at hq operation, then automatically the server at hq admin will be take over and user still can use the system?
can you guide me and give some tips on this situation? thanks for sharing an idea.

Rather you can use LOG SHIPPING by accessing BORK for the required application to use LS in version 7. This is ideal solution than using REPLICATIOn on WAN. _________
Satya SKJ

A small useful article on LS basics can be accessed at:]