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replication over WAN using HTTP

Hello, I’m newbie when it comes to replication. I’ve read as much as I could found in the documentation and articles on the Internet about different replication types existing in SQL 2000 server. I need advice on how to replicate data from a remote SQL server standing behind a firewall. The server behind the firewall is a publisher and the only port it could use to go to the Internet is 80. The subscriber is a part of a different domain and it is also behind a firewall. We can change the settings of the firewall of the subscriber’s network but we cannot do the same with the firewall of the publisher’s network. The size of the data being replicated is not big. The frequency of the could be performed once a week and the replication time is not important. From what I’ve read I think snapshot replication could satisfy our requirements but maybe I am wrong. I would like to hear other’s people ideas. Most importantly, is the replication possible over HTTP? thanks in advance, dimitar
1. On your subscriber server, you will have to configure SQL Server to listen on port 80, default is 1433.<br />2. On the subscriber firewall set it to accept transmissions from your publisher’s IP Address. <br />3. Then on your publisher set it as a Remote Server, and continue from there.<br /><br />Hope this will lead you in the right direction.<br /><br /><img src=’/community/emoticons/emotion-1.gif’ alt=’:)‘ /><br /><br />———-<br />T Kelley<br />MS, MCDBA, OCA, CIW<br /><br />