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Replication Setup

When I setup publications on our one server then I subscribe to those publications on other servers I have no problems and they get setup succesfully. But when i go to setup another publication on the server after I subscribe to it i get the following error. "You cannot create a merge publication in database "dname". The database contains one or more merge subscriptions that are anonymous or that use the priority of the Publisher when resolving conflicts. To create a merge publication in this database, drop the existing merge subscriptions, create the publication, and then recreate the subscriptions." I have to delete all the subscriptions and then all the publications, disable publications on that server, reconfigure the server to setup the replication. I can then setup publications again. Does anyone know why this is happening. One thing that I did notice is that it appears that one server has transactional subscription to the server that is having the problems. But it that replication does not appear to be in the publication list, and I cannot remove it. Any help is appreciated.