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Replication using Private Network

Anybody knows a link or doc that talks about replication that uses private network?
A step-by-step would be great! Here’s my plan:
1. Setup two publishers (production server)
2. Setup a distributor server
3. Setup a subscriber (reporting server) My publisher will be my production server and currently has 2 network cards with public IP (can be seen by other internal users/servers or Active Directory) and a private IP for replication purposes. How is it possible to setup my publisher servers to have a public and private IP at the same time, then use the private IP for my replication? Distributor and reporting servers will have 2 network cards as well and will be assigned a public and private IP. Thanks,
Jon M
SQL Server will listen to all IPs by default. I assume the public IP is added in the DNS and is used in name lookups for users. To avoid the publisher and subscriber using the public ip just add the names of the involved servers in your hosts file (c:winntsystem32dricersetchosts) and point it to the private ip instead.
Thanks Argyle. I tried modifying the HOSTS file and seems to be working. However, looking at the windows task manager->networking it looks like traffic is still flowing via the public network. Do I need to define an alias on the SQL Server Client Network Utility? Thanks again,
Jon M
This is the answer to my question. Below tool helped me determine whether traffic is really flowing into my private IP. Jon M
Hi, i try to setup peer to peer replication with private network on sql server 2008 but traffic is still flowing via the public network, I tried modifying the HOSTS file or creating alias but the message i receive is "Connections through a server alias, IP address, or any other alternate name are not supported. Specify the name server.", i changed the ips in tcpip protocol in configuration manager but nothing. Any ideas please?
thanks in advance.

What kind of NIC do you have on the server?
Have you opened any specific ports for SQL Server?