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Reporting Question – pivot table?

I’m not sure where I would post this so I will start here. I have a database that tracks calls made to customers during the day. Each call generates a history log record with the customID, the status of the call, the datetime, and a number tracking how many times this customer has been contacted in the month. Tables and fields to consider:
tblMarketArea – tracks market areas
tblCallList – tracks customer information and relates to the market area
tblCallHist – the historical log file
tblStatus – the status code and status description. I have a view that groups the Market Area (tblMarketArea), Call Count (tblCallHist), The Status code (tblCallHist), the Status Name, and then counts on CallHist_uno (tblCallHist). This works fine and I can report on Market areas and now how many calls fall under a certain status. Here is my dilemma. I want a report showing Market Area | Call Count | Status 1 | Status 2 | Status 3 | status 4 I want a column for every status code in the tblStatus regardless of whether there are any numbers in that status. I want to see, for a given market area, the calls completed and the status of those calls, with a new row for that market area for accounts touched/called more than once. Thanks.
Matthew Moran
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