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Reporting Server Install

We are installing sql 2000 reporting server. Issue is we are selecting a database different from the current system where the reporting server db will be installed. The report server and the manager will be installed locally. While doing this we are getting access denied error. The sql username/password which we provide is valid and it has rights to create a new data base. Any help will be of great use.
Post the exact error while connecting the database from report server. Satya SKJ
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We are trying to install Reporting Server Evaluation edition, which requires (Standard, Enterprise, Developer, Evaluation) of Sql Server 2000. In our local system the edition is Personal Edition.. So we are using Sql 2000 Enterprise Edition installed in another system as Report Server database. While giving the Username/Password (Sql Login Credentials for that Sql-Server), We are getting the following error: Cannot connect to the SQL Server instance ("Instance Name")
Login failed for user ("NT Login Name") Manually we are able to connect to that Sql server through Query Analyzer and create a new database. What will be the issue? The Sql server Enterprise edition is hosted on a Windows NT system.