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Reporting Services installation in a cluster

We are moving to a two node SQL Server 2000 cluster running on Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition. We make use of SQL Reporting Services and I’m wonder if we can get away with installing it on the database cluster. It would be nice to have it automatically failover to the other node if problems were encountered. We don’t run a lot of reports so I don’t see a need to create a "web farm" (NLB) of reporting services servers. Also from a licensing perspective you need a separate license for SQL Server if you are installing reporting services on a different server. Basically I want to have IIS6/Reporting Services Service usually running on node A and fail over to node B if anything goes wrong. Is this possible, setting up a cluster group with an IP/Name/Disk/IIS/Reporting Services Service. How is it done? Or should I really just bite the bullet and have nlb reporting services on different servers (ie our nlb iis application servers). One final thing I don’t think microsoft supports is nlb and mscs on the same cluster? If that was the case I could just to that? Let me know.
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May check SQL home page for further information. Satya SKJ
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