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Reporting Services overhead

Good Morning- I was wondering if anyone has any performance metrics on what kind of additional load that Reporting Services puts on a SQL server. I do realize that this is a broad(vague) request as this depends I would think on whether or not the IIS services are loaded locally and what kind of user load/ad hoc reporting is done. I have next to no experience(I loaded on a test box last year) wit hReporting SServies, but one of our new apps needs to be rolled out with it and I want to make sure I am not going to kill our other apps that are backended by our SQL server. Thanks!!
What is the database growth?
How many users will be connected simultaneously?
What is the server configuration? It is not advised to keep all SQL Server, IIS & Reporting server on same machine as it tends to degrade performance. So you need to seperate IIS & Reporting services to a seperate box and then use SQL Server as a dedicated box by keeping up the schedule of database optimization jobs that will take care of database queries efficiently. for informtaion on performance tuning of RS. HTH Satya SKJ
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Satya- Thanks for the info. It should only be about 20 Concurrent users using reporting Services at any one time, But I did find a separate box to break off the IIS and Reporting Services portion. Shouldn’t grow the DB much at all.